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APRIL (2010)

Kallie Kerns, Tracey Evans, Dominic Conti, Kurt Cole, Crystal Rivers,
Lilach Mendelovich, Katie Locke O'Brien, Audrey Dundee Hannah,
David Goryl, Chris Pentzell, Nate Beals, Sarah Buehler
PRODUCED BY Barry Barclay and Mike Piccirillo
WRITTEN and DIRECTED BY Mike Piccirillo

Starting out at a new high school is hard enough! Try doing it as a teenage girl zombie! This mockumentary follows the travails of April Poplewski, a true undead fish-out-of-water, as she starts out at a new high school filled with regular students.


"APRIL" went on to win numerous awards during its festival run, including:

-BEST SPOOF FILM - 2010 Action-On-Film International Film Festival

-BEST COMEDY SHORT FILM - 2010 Shockfest of Hollywood Film Festival

-BEST MOCK SHORT FILM - 2010 Mockfest of Hollywood Film Festival

-BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY - 2011 Houston Comedy Film Festival

-AUDIENCE FAVORITE - 2011 Onecloudfest Film Festival


APRIL is currently an OFFICIAL SELECTION of the 2015 Dead Walk Festival!

The teaser trailer for APRIL.

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